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Tips for Using Brown, Earthy Shades In Bohemian Home Décor

The bohemian aesthetic is all about bright, gem-like reds, purples, blues, and greens. But there’s one colour you shouldn’t overlook when decorating any space. With the resurgence of boho chic, eco chic, and boho minimalism, there ought to be a place for brownish earth tones in your colour palette.  

Why decorate with brown?

Brown is an evocative colour that can mean many things to different people. According to Very Well Mind, brown is associated with nurturing and dependability in marketing, making it an excellent choice for decorators who want to add warmth and coziness to their living space.  

For those in the design circles, brown is a classic and sophisticated colour that works well in modern spaces.

However, brown can also be associated with feelings of loneliness and isolation when used in excess. A predominantly brown room can seem stark, empty, and heavy. This can be offset by introducing other colours to the room as well as incorporating different shades of brown into the overall design. From cinnamon to burnt umber, you have many shades to choose from.  

Warm versus cool browns

If you don’t know which shade of brown to choose for your space, you can start by determining your preference for warm or cool shades. Warm browns typically have warm colours like red, orange, or yellow as a base. Think caramel, tan, and sepia.  

These shades exude a friendly and welcoming energy. Warm brown shades from natural, organic material like animal hide or genuine wood have an inherently earthy quality to them.  

Cool browns, on the other hand, have bluish or grayish undertones. These shades can produce a calming effect in your space. They also exude sophistication. Examples include taupe and ash brown.    

Colours that go with brown

To keep brown shades from completely taking over the room, you can combine it with other colours. According to Architectural Lab, these colours go well with brown:  

  • White
  • Turquoise
  • Green
  • Mint
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Gold
  • Orange
  • Copper
  • Red
  • Fuchsia
  • Pink
  • Purple

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Play around with different shades and colour combinations for an earthy, bohemian vibe. 

How to decorate with earthy brown shades

There are many ways to bring the colour brown to your interior, including: 

  • Dark woods – There’s nothing more luxurious and timeless than dark hardwood floors. The same goes for solid dark wood furniture made of walnut, Tudor oak, and mahogany. Other dark wood accents include banisters, beams, paneling, doors, and window frames. 
  • Brown leather – A brown leather sofa gives the space a dapper quality, especially when you choose a cognac or bronze shade. It’s also a versatile piece that can be styled in a variety of ways, like the simple addition of throw pillows and rugs. Other leather accents include ottomans, poufs, foot stools, and lamp shades.  
  • Brown tiles – Install taupe or chocolate floor tiles in the bathroom or kitchen for a hint of brown. You can also experiment with peel-and-stick backsplash tiles for easy installation (and removal).  
  • Accent wall – A brown accent wall serves as the perfect backdrop for your furniture and artwork. Aside from painting one wall with your preferred shade of brown, you can also install wooden panels or boards to create that feeling of warmth and earthiness. 
  • Metal accents Brass, bronze, and other brownish metals can serve as brown accents to your home. You can incorporate these metals into your drawer handles, pendant lighting, window grills, railings, taps, knobs, and other fixtures.  
  • Stone accents – Brown-coloured stone pots, floor tiles, and fireplaces can give your space a cozy, earthy feel.   

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