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The Beginner’s Guide to Bohemian-Style Décor

You’ll know bohemian or boho-style decor when you see it – bohemian-inspired spaces are filled with art, culture, travel, and unique items. Its innate eclecticism and creativity means that no two bohemian-style rooms will ever look alike. This design sensibility celebrates individuality with a relaxed and carefree vibe that makes guests feel right at home. 

The beauty of bohemian-style decor

Bohemian-style decor draws inspiration from true individuals who choose to lead unconventional lives, such as artists and constant travelers. It combines different pieces, colours, and patterns from many historical periods, design movements, and places around the world. If you are looking for an aesthetic that lets you mix and match, then bohemian decor might be for you. It’s a highly individualistic way of decorating your space. 

Decorating with eye-catching bohemian colours

Just like the artists and wanderers from which it draws inspiration, classic bohemian decor is associated by warm earthy colors, bright jewel tones, and metallic finishes. This rich palette includes deep browns and greens as base colours layered with saturated purples, reds, and blues. Combining and layering colours is what makes this decorating style visually striking and unique. 

For a more restrained look, go for bohemian chic, a more refined style that uses a neutral palette. If you want to use darker and more dramatic colours, go for masculine boho, which is a moodier iteration of the bohemian aesthetic.  

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Layering bohemian-inspired patterns and textures

Bohemian decor thrives on eclecticism. Don’t be afraid to mix different kinds of patterns and textures that normally wouldn’t go together, such as dyed fabrics and intricate patterns in the form of rugs, drapes, upholstery, and table runners to give the space a sense of fun and excitement. If it gets a bit overwhelming, use white and neutrals as a backdrop for brighter tones or bolder patterns. Using a white base can prevent mixed patterns from being too overpowering.  

Choosing decorative boho homewares 

Bohemian-inspired homewares include pillows, drapes, throws, carpets, artworks, books, and trinkets that create a warm, inviting, and globally-inspired space. As with patterns and textures, the secret to choosing bohemian decorative materials is to combine disparate pieces and pull them together with a common, unifying element. For example, organic materials like sisal and burlap can be combined with lavish silks and fine tulle, with similar colour or lines as a unifying element.

Other materials, textures to add to your boho-style space include macramé, jute, velvet, leather, natural wood, and burnished metal. 

This is the perfect opportunity to bring out any heirlooms, handmade goods, vintage items, and travel souvenirs, and put them on display.

In many instances, bohemian pieces have a dog-eared quality that makes them feel more authentic and valuable. For example, the natural patina on reclaimed wood is inimitable, as is the unique colourway of a handwoven Bolga basket.  

Further bohemian-inspired homewares should be personal no matter their quality. The bohemian spirit is about individuality and creativity, after all. Each piece should have meaning or significance to you and the other inhabitants of the space. But above all, these pieces should bring joy and pleasure to day-to-day living.

So use what you love, whether that’s a handmade quilt or mismatched dining chairs. Each piece should say something to you or about you.

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Choosing bohemian-inspired lighting fixtures

Get the boho look with natural fibre pendants, capiz chandeliers, colourful Moroccan lanterns, and other exciting lighting fixtures. Aside from overhead fixtures, you can also decorate with table and floor lamps, candle holders, string lights, and more. The right lighting fixtures can serve as accent pieces or complete the look and feel of a bohemian-themed room. With so much variety in the global design market, you’ll find a variety of lighting fixtures that are ideal for mixing and matching. 

Gathering bohemian-style furniture

Bohemian design has a warm and welcoming quality. Overstuffed chairs, plush rugs and carpets, ottomans, and plenty of throw pillows in saturated colors reflect the homey and casual feel of the boho aesthetic. Choose comfortable and relaxed pieces that will encourage guests to sit and stay awhile.  Further each piece should have character or tell a story that guests will find intriguing. You can shop for each piece individually – you can mix and match different pieces for a more eclectic feel.

Adding indoor plants to your boho decor

The bohemian style embraces the natural world. Indoor plants will always have a place in boho-inspired decor. Foliage brings colour, texture, and vitality to a room, keeping spaces from feeling too sterile and reminding us that we’re part of the natural environment. When shopping for indoor plants, you can choose from the following:

  • Real plants
  • Artificial plants
  • Dried plants

When decorating with real indoor plants, your choices include succulents, ferns, and hanging plants in a variety of sizes, colours, and textures. Make sure that you have time to really care for them – a dead or withered plant can be an eyesore in an otherwise well thought-out decor. 

If you don’t have time to water or cultivate plants, choose artificial plants or dried grass and flowers that require little to no maintenance. Silk artificial plants look close to genuine, so you won’t have to worry about shiny plastic plants ruining your decor.

Dried grass and flowers are also an excellent option for bohemian-style decor. Dried lavender, angel’s breath, pampas, and wheatgrass have a romantic and sophisticated look that can add drama to any room.

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