Natural Shell & Wood Utensils



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Product Description

Material: Natural shellfish shell and wood material, beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Environmental protection: pure natural shells, hand polished, no paint

Uses: Multifunctional, can be used in conjunction with main table knife and fork, dessert spoon, fruit fork, etc. Shellfish shells are natural, environmentally friendly and beautiful, and the tableware made is very delicate~

Features: natural shell tableware, environmentally friendly and delicate
Color: pure white, golden yellow

Type A fish knife: 14 cm long
Type A harpoon: 14 cm long
Type A fish spoon: 14 cm long
Type B spoon: 14 cm long
Type B short spoon: 10 cm long
Type C-shaped short spoon with flowers: 10 cm long
Type D-shaped white spoon: 16.5 cm long
Type E-shaped spoon: 14.5 cm long
Type E fork: 14.5 cm long
Type F Oversized Spoon:25cm long
Type F Oversized fork:24cm long

Package Contents: 1 x shell cutlery

Only the items in the above package are included, not other products.

Shellfish products have no fixed size and standard color, and there are deviations in size. The shells of seashells living in water will show some changes, such as some slight cracks, depressions and bulges, scratches, irregular edges, etc. are normal conditions, which are inevitable and will not affect the overall appearance and use.

Note: Light shooting and different display methods may cause the color of the object in the picture to be slightly different from the actual object. The allowable measurement error is +/- 1-3cm.


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