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How to Choose Bohemian-Style Furniture for Your New Nursery

When looking for bohemian-style furniture for your child’s nursery, there are some general guidelines that can help narrow down your choices:

  • Choose furniture that can easily transition from a nursery to a child’s room as your baby. This includes convertible cribs, convertible changing tables, daybeds, and double beds that can be used for different purposes. 
  • Choose pieces with simple but versatile designs that can be mixed and matched with newer furniture for an eclectic bohemian and make it easier for you to update the look of the nursery as your child gets older.
  • Select furniture exclusively designed for baby’s use, with new furniture to be purchased in a few years’ time.
  • Choose durable furniture that can withstand wear and tear if you plan to have more children. 

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to buying boho-style furniture and decor for a nursery. It depends largely on your personal preferences, how much you’re willing to spend, and how you would like the space to function.

Baby Sleeping Beside Girl on Gray Floral Textile

As mentioned above, you have a range of choices between versatile pieces that can be updated with children’s furniture and items that are designed for babies that will need to be replaced as your baby grows bigger and becomes more mobile.

There are several factors that should affect your furniture choices, including:

  • Safety – Does the furniture have rough edges or protruding components that can hurt the baby’s delicate skin? Is the base stable? Are there safety buckles? Is it made from natural materials? Does it contain toxic paints and metals that can harm baby’s health? These are just some questions to ask when evaluating a piece of furniture for safety.
  • Comfort – Is it made with soft, breathable, and flexible material to keep your child comfortable? If it’s made of solid wood, wicker, or metal, is there an option to add fitted cushions to make it more comfortable for the child? When your child is comfortable, they sleep better and feel more secure. 
  • Durability – As mentioned earlier, it’s important to choose nursery furniture made with sturdy materials so that they can be transitioned into a child’s room or passed down to siblings. And as your child becomes more mobile, they might start banging surfaces and tinkering with items in the room, causing fragile pieces to break.
Brown and Black Wooden Blocks on White and Black Textile
  • Placement and position – Where you place furniture also matters when taking your child’s comfort and safety into consideration. It’s generally advisable to position the baby’s crib away from the windows and outside walls, since these can be a source of cold drafts depending on the season and where in Australia you’re located. 

Be mindful of how natural light enters the room at various times of the day. When the sun comes up in the morning or high noon, you wouldn’t want it shining directly on your baby. Likewise, artificial light from street lamps can also affect your baby’s sleep. 

  • Design and functionality – If you’re adding a new piece of furniture to the nursery, does it serve a clear purpose? If you’re buying something for purely aesthetic purposes, what does it bring to the overall look and feel of the room? 

It’s easy to get carried away when shopping for baby furniture, particularly bohemian-style baby furniture, since the aesthetic is all about layered patterns and artwork. Being clear about the intended function and purpose of each piece can help streamline furniture shopping and make it easier to decide which pieces to acquire first. 

Decorating a bohemian-style nursery is a wonderful way of introducing your baby to vibrant colours and a variety of patterns and textures. Eclecticism is inherent to this aesthetic, allowing you to play around with just about any fabric or colour scheme.

For instance, the classic bohemian vibe encourages bright jewel tones and rich fabrics that can stimulate your baby’s senses while boho chic lets you stick with a more restrained neutral palette and natural, eco-friendly materials that will make it easier to update your nursery as your baby grows. 

Franklin Hobart offers a wonderful array of boho-style furniture for your new nursery. Browse our collection of bohemian homewares today to get started. 

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