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Green Thumb: How to Decorate with Indoor Plants

Plants add a breath of fresh air to otherwise drab and lifeless spaces. They can also enhance boho-style decor depending on how they’re used. Here’s how to decorate your space with bohemian planters.

Place plants of varying heights in the same pot. When decorating your space with a large and heavy plant container, play around with composition by underplanting a tall, upright plant with shorter or smaller plants. This makes for a more complex and interesting plant arrangement that’s bound to spark a few conversations.

Examples of tall and upright plants worth considering:

  • Bird of Paradise
  • Olive tree
  • African milk thistle
  • Rubber plant
  • Sabre fig

If you don’t have a large container, but still wish to use different height plants, you can simply arrange several smaller pots containing short plantings around a taller indoor plant in a separate container. 

Potted Green Indoor Plants

Group different colours and textures. The bohemian style is all about eclecticism, with layered patterns and disparate pieces of furniture. The same principle can be applied to decorative plants. The contrast in colours and textures are made more apparent when these wildly different plants and flowers are grouped in the same container, or placed in the same area of the room. So don’t be afraid to choose plants of various colours, shapes, sizes, and textures when adding foliage to your space.

For example, the Swiss cheese plant is known for its eccentric heart-shaped leaves with holes while climbing vines have a languid and sensuous appeal. Native Australian violets have soft, bluish hues and small round petals while orchids come in bright, vivid colours like red, yellow, pink, and purple. 

Place your indoor plants in the right spot. Different plants will have varying needs when it comes to light exposure, temperature, and water volume. Be mindful of your indoor plants’ needs when choosing their placement in the room. Some plants require plenty of natural light to thrive while others might wilt and die with direct sun exposure. Sun-loving plants should be placed closer to the windows while the ones that prefer dark, cool spaces belong to the dimmer corners of the room. 

Take good care of your boho indoor plants. Keep your indoor plants healthy to make the most of your bohemian decor. Lush, vibrant plants can make your space come to life. Diseased and wilted plants, on other hand, can make a room look and feel neglected. If you don’t have the time or skill to care for real plants, consider decorating your space with artificial plants and dried flowers and grass.

Lavender, Vase, Cereals, Spike, Decoration, Flowers

You’ll find plenty of artificial plants that can pass as real plants to the untrained eye. These plants will stay green year-round with just a bit of cleaning. Further artificial foliage can be placed in wicker planters and wall mounts much like real plants. 

Preserved flowers and dried grass can look very sophisticated and romantic, making them an excellent choice for bohemian-style decor. Some examples include dried pampas grass and dried lavender bouquets. Place them in a colourful vase or glass pitcher for display. You can also trim the stems and arrange them around a wreath base made of wicker that can be easily mounted on the wall. 

Use decorative pots, planters, and hangers. Choose different kinds of decorative planters and plant hangers in keeping with your bohemian-style decor. Your choices include macrame plant hangers, woven planters, painted clay pots, bamboo plant stands, and wall mounted wooden planters, just to name a few. Combining different designs, colours, and materials can create a fun and eclectic vibe.

Just keep your plants’ needs in mind when choosing planters. Depending on the plant type and species, you might need to choose a specific size and material to keep your plantings healthy. 

Browse our boho-inspired store today. Franklin Hobart offers an array of artificial plants, dried flowers, wall hangings, and lounge furniture for your decorating needs. 

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